Closer To You

“I have no interest in a man who can’t speak his heart,” declared Hino with vehemence that made the whole room gulp. The actor before her stood in a daze, as if rejected for real.

Someone started to applaud, and everyone followed suit.

“I heard,” my actress friend whispered, “our Madam Director just broke up with her girlfriend.”

“Didn’t she start dating her last week?” I asked.

“None of her relationships have ever lasted a month. So, in case you thought about confessing to her, forget about it.”

Hino clapped twice, and the room fell silent. “Last practice for today. We will do the Etude,” she said. “Please use the scene you just saw and come up with your responses. Who wants to give it a try?”

I raised my hand.

Murmurs erupted as I stepped onto the stage. Hino’s eyes were making my legs tremble.

“I have never been a person of words,” I said. “Often, I wish someone would give me a script, so I would not make a fool of myself talking to people. That made me an actress, I think. But that won’t make me honest enough to say that I love you. So, for now, let me say that I am grateful to have known you, that getting to see you has already been enough. And I ask for no more than what I already have. May each and every day bring me closer to you.”

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