Hana Chatroom

My username is Hana0917, a name that means ‘flower’, a most resilient creature that has survived on Earth for billions of years. And so, while my chatroom had no name, of late people have started calling it Hana Chatroom.

A new post came to my phone—

‘I get bullied. Help.’

‘What happened?’ I typed.

The teacher glanced my way. So I took notes for class while keeping my eyes on the screen of the phone placed on my lap.

A new message came through. ‘Shion and her gang put a disgusting thing on my chair. All my friends avoid me now because they fear the A rank girls. What have I ever done wrong?’

‘It’s not you,’ I typed back, ‘bullies hurt others to feel good about themselves. They are in the wrong, not the ones they hurt.’

‘I want it to stop. Please tell me how?’

‘The first step is to Calm Down. When you panic, you play into their hands. Breathe in, then out slowly, until you have eased up. Second, Cut Down Their Confidence. Bullies take joy in hurting others, so don’t let them feel the joy. Laugh at their jokes, stare them in the eye, let them see that you aren’t affected, and they will feel powerless. Then finally, Be Resilient. So long as you repeat the first two steps and never give up, every day will be your win.’

After class, I took care of more posts. Until I saw friends coming my way.

“Whom are you texting?”

“Just my boyfriend,” I lied, putting the phone away.

“Hey, what’s with Inaba?” one of them enquired. “She still acted high and mighty after yesterday. You think we should play with her a little harder, Shion?”

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