I Am A Tree

What kind of tree was I? I did not know. I did not have a mirror, and I was not a tree expert in my previous life. I sometimes bloomed flowers, but they were never as impressive as the cherry trees at the school front. And I produced only acorns, with the never sour nor sweet taste that anyone would like.

I did, however, have a trunk with branches spread out that provided shade.

Although I was like this now, I still remembered my life as a human, which had ended abruptly one day on my way to school. As a result, I missed my best friend’s sixth birthday.

Michiru, I am sorry.

The school bell sounded, signaling lunchtime. I could feel the vibration of the footsteps that filled the building before me. There was a lot of activity now that the new term had begun. There was always so much talking and laughter here at school, where I was reborn.

I saw one student coming my way, carrying a lunch box. She looked familiar, the way she stopped and gazed up toward me.

It was Michiru.

She had grown so much. She wore a high school uniform now, with her hair up in a ponytail that looked cute on her. She sat down beneath my shade and leaned back for a moment before starting her lunch. Once she finished, her head rested against my trunk.

A breeze blew through. My leaves rustled gently, and my friend fell asleep.

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