Once in elementary, I found a frog in my lunchbox. My best friend consoled me and took me to a teacher. Her help made me happy, until I saw her laughing her head off with other girls while catching frogs.

I decided never to trust anybody.

This year, I started high school, where I met Ryo Izumi. Her one-seventy cm height made her stand out like a landmark. Her charm soon drew everybody to her.

One day, I was studying in the library. Before I knew it, Ryo was sitting next to me.

"I want to be your friend," Ryo said.

"You're lying, aren't you?"

"Excuse me?" She frowned.

"I'm good at detecting lies, you know. You want to be my friend? I bet you say that to everybody."

"Still, I want to." Ryo's gaze was piercing. "Tell me, how may I do that?"

"Can you promise to never lie to me? You can't, can you?"

Ryo found a piece of paper. She turned the other way and wrote something. She folded it and stapled it twice. "Here," she handed it over. "I wrote my deepest secret. If I ever betray you, you can post this on the bulletin board."

I raised the folded piece to the light. But I couldn't see through its thickness.

"Ah, she just gave me a blank paper, you're thinking," said Ryo. "Well, you're free to think whatever you like. However, if you agree to be my friend, I intend to treat you right. Let's have fun together. Please know, though, that if you say no today, you will be denying yourself good times with me."

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