My Second Life

Do you know what it feels like jumping off a building? Your surroundings turn pure white as if the world is vanishing. And bang! You feel something soft crush under your weight. The smell of blood sticks to you.

Without the last part, I would have been dead.

The girl I landed on, Tomoko Ikeda, was a good girl who loved life, they said. Little did they know that her true self was like the devil. And I learned this the hard way when she came to visit me on that night after her funeral.

“Do you know what it feels like,” her voice said, “dying in the stupidest possible way with some girl falling on me?”

Tomoko haunted me. And I tried to drive her off. I bought talismans and hung hundreds of crucifixes on my walls. I even recited verses from the Bible. Nothing worked.

I tried to kill myself again. But Tomoko stopped me.

“What do you want?” I finally asked.

“There was a bunch of things I wanted to do in life,” said Tomoko. “First, I wanted to get into the top high school and make friends. I wanted to go on five dates a week with five boyfriends. I was also open to girlfriends though. I wanted to join the track team, and I wanted to climb Mt. Fuji. I wanted to travel the world too. I wanted to be in movies, and magazines, and newspapers. And I wanted to live, live, and live.”

Was I to be her dream-fulfilling puppet?

“Oh, to be a ghost! I feel no fear. It’s like I could do anything.” Tomoko’s voice was close, and I felt her hand in mine. “You’re going to help me, right?”

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