Our Wish Connected

(Part 1/2)


As soon as I returned home, I found an ice pack and pressed it to my jaw.

“That hurt,” Haori’s voice sounded in the back of my head. “I don’t bleed, but I could feel what you felt. Have you forgotten that? Why must you get into a fight? He’s twice your size.”

When I was nine, my parents’ work made us move. And I said goodbye to Haori, my best friend. Under a Christmas tree, I promised to keep her in my heart forever. And with that, something awakened that bound us, even now, after eight years.

“He started it. I’m sorry, ok?”

Haori went quiet. So, I closed my eyes, and it was like a second pair of eyes opened. I saw in a bathroom, her reflection in the mirror. “Nojima!” she scolded, “You’re not looking, are you?”


“I can feel you getting hard down there. Stop looking, or I’ll slap myself till you feel it sting.”

Although I didn’t look, I could still see the water running down her side. Unlike sight, which we could control, we always heard each other’s sounds. It was like being in a room with two windows. And when it came to feeling, we always shared it equally, be it the taste of food or emotions. And this I had learned. Girls can feel as many things as they could eat.

“You know,” Haori said. “I have been dreaming of that Christmas tree lately. Do you have the same dream?”

I did.

“It’s a feeling,” said she. “But I think if we were to meet each other there, we would be able to end this connection of ours, for good.”

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