The Black Dog

"Hey, want to hear a scary story?” My friend said, “There's this black dog that if you dream about, you must never let it find you, or you will die. And you mustn't tell this to anyone because only people who know the story will have the dream."

Although she said not to, it’s impossible to stop a girl from spreading gossip.

That night, something felt strange. Standing in my room, the air felt somewhat blank, like all the scents had disappeared. I went to check on my little sister, whose room was nearby, but she was not there. So, I tried downstairs.

As I reached the living room, I heard something coming from the kitchen.

I hid behind the door outside the living room, and the footsteps followed. It paused, and I heard a growling that sounded like the crackling of laughter.

Then, it moved away. So, I sneaked a look.

It stopped suddenly as if it had sensed me. And its head began to slowly turn till I could see the hint of its glowing eyes. With all my strength, I pulled my gaze away from it.

I woke up.

"Big sis!" My sister rushed into the room. "I had a nightmare of this giant dog you were talking about. I tried to run, but it caught me—"

All of a sudden her little body rose as if an invisible hook had hung it up. And then came the sound of something being ripped apart, mixed with her scream, which left me numb. I watched her bones shatter in the air. Red color sprayed across the room. Then, her warm blood dripped down my head, leaving a smell on my skin.

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