Until The Next Christmas

After I got fired from a company in D.C., my father sent me to Japan for the holidays. So I decided to make the most of my time there by working at a flower shop nearby.

"Mollie, how did it go with the Christmas orders?" asked Mayu, the owner.

"I did the arrangements and delivered them."

Before she could respond, the bell rang. A woman stood at the reception, carrying the flower arrangement I had made.

"Redo this," she said. "Or I need a refund."

The same thing happened throughout the day, and Mayu promised each customer that she would redo their orders. So I stayed after work to help with paperwork.

For a customer who wanted to celebrate a promotion, Mayu chose wintersweet, with bright yellow flowers lingering on the branch, which she arranged over a shallow base to bring out a more elegant look. For another customer whose son was in the hospital, Mayu created a small pot of pansies, which I remembered symbolized 'strength.'

Maybe I was not cut out for this job, I sighed while spraying water over a pot of Christmas flowers.

"Why don't you take that one home?"

I turned to see Mayu standing behind me, offering me a hot drink.

"The Poinsettias, or Christmas Flower as you call it, required some work to make them last. They need indirect sunlight six hours a day, and you need to keep checking the soil. But I know that if it's you, Mollie, you can the flower bloom when the next Christmas comes."

Did this mean she still wanted me here?

"I will do my job better, boss," I said. "And if I can't keep my promise, you can fire me."

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