A Girl

I had always thought it strange. Ever since first grade, whenever we had gym class, the teachers would take Chihiro to change somewhere instead of the girls’ lockers. So, one day, I followed them and peeked through the door—       

I saw Chihiro. She had a wee-wee.       

Later, I would learn more about Chihiro. Her father had been an influential figure. He was also known for being a family person. He could ask a favor for his daughter, and teachers would respond in kind to the letter.        

But what was I to think?        

People came in all kinds. I had seen this all the time. I knew girls who were all just about appearance. And those who were more honest.        

Then, there’s Chihiro. I often thought about her. Long hair looked good on her. Her voice sounded a bit deep but came with that sweet intonation. And I could say this with certainty. Anybody who spent time with Chihiro would agree. She’s a warm and considerate person.        

“Teacher’s going to ask soon,” the girls were saying, “if we want to nominate anyone for class representatives. I say we recommend Chihiro.”       

Getting nominated was a big deal at the elementary level. It showed how people trusted you. Each class had two representatives. The boys would choose theirs, and the girls  theirs. On hearing this suggestion, all the girls agreed.        

“I think so, too,” I said. “Chihiro would do the best job representing us. Let’s vote for her.”       

I won’t tell a soul.       

Chihiro wasn’t born with the body of a girl, but she might as well get born to be one. That’s the person she is. I will protect her secret for as long as I live.   

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