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"Your origamis, they were the shapes of your heart," Airi says to her closest friend, Kotori.        

​Kotori sent the crane origami on New Year’s Day. Receiving the origami, Sae, who had come from Tokyo to see her, was dazzled by it. Suspicious of this visitor’s motive, Airi begins to investigate and discover Sae’s dark past, and the danger she may represent to them.       

​"I am the person without a heart," says the girl from Tokyo.

​Airi tries to warn her friend in countless ways.

​But Kotori refuses to listen, and she says to Sae. "I want to fold origami for you."


​The Shape is My Heart is a novel about possibilities. It explores the volatility of affection among young friends and the fascination with those special strangers that sometimes capture our attention out of nowhere. A narrative about loyalty, friendship, curiosity, and love in all its complexities, the novel will draw in readers by making them rethink and re-evaluate both their closest relationships and those evasive ones that ended too soon.



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