Big Eater

“Yuma, you are so beautiful,” they said.

Today again, Yuma Kisaki made herself the center of attention. All the girls surrounding her were blushing pink while showering her with praises. Such a strange sight often made me wonder what had gotten them so excited. Although I admitted that Yuma was beautiful—she might as well be on a teen magazine cover—I preferred observing from afar than being one of those fans.

Maybe, it was because I always keep people at a distance that I was spared.

Outside the classroom where I was hiding, I noticed a glow from Yuma. The shimmering glow reminded me of how angler fish lure prey in by its light. And I sensed the sweet warmth like an invisible field of flowers lay just beyond this door. Then, Yuma gestured for one girl to sit in a chair. The onlookers who were excited earlier now stood frozen like scarecrows. Their eyes had turned white, and they were smiling.

The girl took the seat, and Yuma caressed her from behind.

Then, Yuma’s mouth opened wide. Her jaws grew as the size of her head expanded, revealing the kitchen knife-like teeth above her head.

“I have never been so happy,” the girl spoke.

Yuma’s jaws took her in one gulp. Blood seeped through between those teeth. And once all that was the girl was gone, Yuma returned to her beautiful self. Those who had been standing in a daze finally moved again, as if they had just awakened from a dream.

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