I Remember

After I lost my memories, returning to school worried me. But since everyone in my class was very supportive, the discomfort soon vanished.

"Why are you so kind?" I asked them.

They always answered only with smiles.

After the end of the annual exam, some suggested we take a trip together. They called it a mystery trip. But when we got on the bus, I noticed the silence. As if they already knew where we were going. "Let me know if you need help, okay?" said a girl who sat next to me. It was Sayu Kawai. She would always invite me to have lunch with her.

She looked scared.

We arrived at an aquarium. The sight of the entrance made me nervous. But Sayu held my hand and escorted me ahead. We entered the viewing area, which was covered in pale blue light right up to the ceiling. The sight of various fishes swimming behind the glass made me shiver. The footsteps of my classmates echoed behind me as they entered. "Maybe we shouldn't be doing this," someone whispered. "What if she ends up hating us?"

"We agreed, didn't we? To take responsibility."

Shut up. SHUT UP! A part of me was screaming. The pain pierced my skull. It felt like remembering a nightmare. I had been here before on another school trip.

Someone screamed. What happened?

I didn't know I had fainted until my eyes reopened. I realized I had passed out. The floor felt like thick ice under me—I could see the marine creatures swimming above. And Sayu, along with everyone else, had the same expressions as that day.

I had killed myself there.

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