I Will Be Your Heart

When we heard Miki got into an accident, we all were distraught. But then, we sighed with relief upon hearing that she survived with only a minor head injury.

That relief was no more.

We were just starting the midterm exam after Miki's return to class. And there was a girl who sat next to her, complained about stomach pain. She asked Miki to take her to the nurse, but another convinced her not to. Then, on the exam day, that girl collapsed. She almost died from an appendicitis burst.

“Why didn’t you help Shiori?” Our classmates cornered Miki.                 

“I thought she should focus on the exam—"             

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?”                

Everybody avoided Miki from that day on.                

“I heard before,” a classmate said. “Some people got into an accident, hit their head, and then something went off in their brain. They became heartless killers.”               

“As in psychopath?” said the others.                

I could only watch from afar all this time. Then one day, Miki was leaving the school, and I finally approached her. “Miki,” I called her. “Let’s walk home together.”               

“Aren’t you afraid?” She said, “they called me a heartless person—"                

“When you say someone is heartless,” I said, “doesn’t that make the speakers heartless themselves?”  

Miki looked at me as if she was seeing the world in white color.                

“And even if you can’t do something,” I continued, “so what? Nobody is perfect. Let me help out. From now on, if you aren’t sure whether to laugh, cry, or offer help, you just have to do what I do, laugh when I laugh, cry when I cry and watch me closely until you learn how to feel again. I will be your heart.”


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