Our Last Christmas

It was time to move again. Because of my parent’s work, I had to change schools every two years. And that time was here once again.

It was Christmas, and our school festival was also on the same day. It would be my last time hanging out with my friends. I met the three of them in the morning, right where the giant Christmas tree stood near the school entrance. We bought watermelon smoothies sold by Class 2 and decided to visit the photography club. 

“I don’t want to leave.”

I blurted this out on our walk together along the school’s hallway. It was too sudden, I knew. I continued regardless, “Hinami, Natsu, and Riko, you guys are important to me. I never want to say goodbye—”

“We know,” said Riko.

“We noticed you were struggling,” Natsu added. “But we didn’t want to pressure you, so we ended up saying nothing either. That’s insensitive of us, now that I think about it.”

“Asuka,” Hinami sobbed. “You made me cry.”

We all cried. Passerby looked, but I did not care anymore.

“Let’s go take a group shot,” Hinami suggested. “I heard they can photoshop you into any background you like.”

So, when the time came, and we were led into the booth, I let myself smile next to my friends, who gave their best poses. Then, once each of us was given the photo, I held mine up for a closer look. We looked happy despite the tears, with a background of Christmas. This would forever be my treasured memory. 

Even if we never met again, this time I spent with friends I would never forget.

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