My Heart of Darkness

That day, when I arrived at the school rooftop, the blue sky looked so clear. Its light dazed me. I spotted Shiina with a lunchbox beside her. Her back sailor uniform looked grey against that shadow aura, emitting off her pale skin. 

“Teacher asked me to talk to you,” I said.

Shiina drank grape juice from the bottle, using a straw.

“You know about the accident last week?” I continued, “That girl from the choir club, who’s known to be a bully, fell down the stairs and was impaled in the eyes by her flute. They said you involved somehow, since one of her victims came to talk to you a day before. Some even said you could make freak accidents happened. And this’s not the first time.”

The straw gave off a sound and the bottle shrank.

“It’s ridiculous, I know,” I said, turning away. “If you don’t feel like commenting—”

“Let’s say I have the power. How can I help?”

I looked at her once more as Shiina turned. Her black eyes fixed toward me. 

“Even you must have wished for it some time, right?” She continued. “If only I could kill someone with my thoughts alone, that would be so amazing. So, let’s pretend that you could. Whose names would they be?”

It surprised me, Shiina was a soft spoken person. It sounded hypnotic to the point of scary. 

 “Give me names,” she said. “Come on, it’s not a crime.”

I gave her some names.

Then, as I turned to leave, Shiina spoke with one hand raised in the air. “Come visit me again, ok? I always help those in need.”

When the next day came, those whom I named died.  

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