Tomoe And Tomoe

When I started high school, I was so happy to become their friend. Haruka was the kind of girl you wanted for a big sister. Nana was a little talkative but in a good way, and there was Tomoe who was a little shy.           

I liked Tomoe best.                       

One morning, I came to class and found my desk ruined. Bad words were written all over.                       

Haruka and Nana arrived, and they saw my desk.                      

“Can we talk?” Nana said.                      

Once we sat down, Haruka began to tell me a story—so familiar, and yet so strange. “There used to be four of us,” Haruka said. “Misa, our leader, kicked Tomoe out one day.”                      

“Tomoe couldn’t take rejection,” Nana said, “and she slit her wrist—luckily, she lived.”                     

“We voted Misa out,” continued Haruka, “and we tried to take Tomoe back, but then we got an extra.”                      


I sensed someone behind me.                      

It was Tomoe. But there was something about her. I could tell she was a different person. “Haruka and Nana are up to no good again,” said Tomoe. “Are they trying to turn you against me, Yuri? You will be a fool if you trust them.”                      

Then, she walked off.            

“That’s Dark Tomoe,” said Haruka. “She’s usually out before and after school hours, but once homeroom starts, she goes back to normal. So, this’s how we are, Yuri. Light Tomoe has forgiven us, but Dark Tomoe’s still out for vengeance and will do anything to break us up. I won’t expect you to trust us, but rather see the truth yourself. Please know that we won’t give up on Tomoe. She’s our friend, and we won’t abandon her ever again.”                      


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