Never Give Me Up

I was going to break up with Rin, this I had decided. 

“Kazu,” Rin spoke first, one day while we were in a café. “My dad got a transfer overseas next month. I have to go with him. So, let's break up, what do you think?” 

I could simply say, Sure, okay. 

Except, I would feel like an ass if I were that inconsiderate. “We have four weeks,” I uttered instead, forcing a smile on my face. “Let’s be together till then.”

On the next date, I got Rin an accessory from her favorite shop. Her birthday was still months away, but that’s okay. I took her to the movie that she wanted to watch. We might not like the same kind of film, but she's happy, and that's what matters. Then, I took her to a café where they could make the ice cream cake that she likes. “Next Sunday,” I said, “let’s go to that planetarium we went on our first date.”

In that moment, Rin blushed, her joy turning her cheeks pink and eyes into crescent moons. The thought took me by surprise. Had my girlfriend always been this cute? 

The four weeks went by, and soon enough, I was seeing her off at the airport.

We embraced. We said goodbye. And we cried. 

I cried. 

When did saying goodbye become so hard? Holding her close to me made my chest fill with regret. There were still places I wanted to take her to and things we could have done together. Had I not been an idiot, I would have realized much sooner how much I loved her. 

“Kazu,” Rin glanced at me, tears welling up, “thank you for never giving up on me.” 


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